Indian Ocean | MCU Location Scout

Nighttime sot of ocean. Text: Indian Ocean.

Was he wearing a parachute?

Location of the Lemurian Star freighter. Listed in the film (incorrectly) as 16°55’12.06″N 72°56’7.09″N which is not possible, since there are two NORTH coordinates. It’s assumed to mean 16°55’12.06″N 72°56’7.09″E.


Lemurian Star

Captain America and his SHIELD Strike team drop out of a quinjet and rendezvous with the Lemurian Star, a satellite launch vessel that has been hijacked by Algerian mercenaries led by George Batroc. The Sea Launch Commander, and it’s sister ship The Odyssey (both located in Long Beach Harbor), doubled as the top-secret SHIELD vessel.


(Captain America: The Winter Soldier, 2014)

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