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Taking fire above and below expressway.

Washington, DC – Brawl [In -Universe]

If this were happening in the real world, the Beltway Brawl begins on I-395 in DC, spills over onto 4th St SW, and then up to Virginia Ave SW. Natasha asks for an extraction at 2300 Virginia Ave SW.


Washington, DC – Beltway Brawl

As Steve, Natasha and Sam transport Sitwell back to disable Project: Insight, the Winter Soldier leaps onto the car and pulls Sitwell out, killing him.

The car appears to be traveling westbound on I-395/I-695 in southwest Washington DC. These scenes were shot on Cleveland Memorial Shoreway.


Washington, DC – Beltway Brawl – Bridge

The Winter Soldier destroys the heroes car, and with a STRIKE Team closing in, there seems to be little chance of survival. Steve is blown off this bridge by an explosion and Natasha leaps off, swinging underneath with a grappling line.

Washington, DC – Beltway Brawl – 4th St

Once the action leaves the Highway, the heroes leap down on to street level. Steve saves people in a bus, as the three engage and disarm the thugs with Winter Soldier.

This sequence was filmed under the bridge of the Cleveland Memorial Shoreway at West 3rd St.


Washington, DC – Beltway Brawl – Virginia Ave

The Winter Soldier thinks he has Natasha pinned down, but she outsmarts him. Steve then catches up and goes one-on-one with his former best friend Bucky, before being subdued and apprehended, along with Sam and Natasha, by STRIKE Agents.


(Captain America: The Winter Soldier, 2014)

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