Brooklyn Battle | MCU Location Scout

Give me a real fight!

Blonksy tears through Brooklyn. Scenes at this location include all the destruction from the Abomination. The sequence ends when Banner, in a helicopter overhead, jumps out hoping he’ll Hulk out in time to save the day!

Yonge street at Elm, looking North,  is a stand-in for Brooklyn streets in this sequence. The crew converted four blocks here to shoot on, which included panicked crowds, jeep crashes and explosions. The Apollo Theater was added to the shot later digitally.


The final battle between the Hulk and the Abomination took place in some “temporary buildings erected by the film’s crew on parking lots behind the Royal Connaught Hotel building on the north side of Main and across the street on the southwest corner of Main and John Streets.” This sequence is mostly Hulk pounding the Abomination with two halves of a police car like they were boxing gloves.

The final portion of the battle in the courthouse plaza was filmed on a soundstage.


(Incredible Hulk, 2008)

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