Street Surfing, New York | MCU Location Scout

Spider-Man lying on street, with web attached to elevated train.

Using webs and wits to get back aboard the train.

After being knocked off the train by Doc Ock’s tentacles, Spider-Man uses his webs to tow himself along behind the train before jumping back aboard.

The production filmed these shots back in New York (having shot the majority of the other train footage in Chicago). These shots were taken on Broadway between W 132nd Street and W 130th Street.

The Auto Parts store in the first image is right next door to 3251 Broadway, at the corner of W 131st St. Neither of these buildings are here anymore. The image above, shot from the rear, is on Broadway at W 130th St. The white building with the fire escapes on the side is now a thoroughly modern glass and metal structure.

Street View


(Spider-Man 2, 2004)

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