Midtown Hospital, New York | MCU Location Scout

Exterior Midtown Hospital.

Crazy scientist turns himself into some kind of a monster.

After the accident with the fusion reactor, Doctor Octavius’ robotic arms become fused to his body and take on a life of their own, killing a number of people at the hospital. He breaks out and begins terrorizing the city.

Two locations were used to depict the exterior of Midtown Hospital. The first is the South entrance for 401 E 29th Street in New York. The building is listed as belonging to a Men’s Shelter, but it’s unclear if the South entrance is part of that business. Thanks to TheMovieDistrict.com for discovering this location.



The second is the service entrance which Doc Ock busts out of. This was built on the New York Street of Universal Studios backlot.



The interior was shot on a soundstage. Doc Ock’s tentacles were a mix of puppetry and CGI elements to make the scientist as sinister as possible.

(Spider-Man 2, 2004)

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