Alley, New York | MCU Location Scout

Peter Parker runs into alley.

Does whatever a spider can.


After running through an intersection in Queens, Peter turns down this alley for some privacy to test his new powers.

Much of the film’s exteriors were shot in the New York and Queens area, but a good portion were also filmed in Los Angeles. This alley is off of S. Broadway in Los Angeles. The same location also makes an appearance in Spider-Man: No Way Home when Norman Osborn arrives in a different universe and hangs up his mask.

This alley also appears later in the film, in a night shot, right after Uncle Ben is shot. Peter runs into the alley to change into his homemade spider costume.


This alley was again used in Spider-Man 2 for the iconic scene where Peter tosses his Spider-Man costume into the trash.


(Spider-Man, 2002; Spider-Man 2, 2004)

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