Golden Gate Bridge | MCU Location Scout

Scott and Hope sitting on a tower of the Golden Gate Bridge.

None of this should have happened. But it did.

Scott and Hope put on their costumes as Ant-Man and The Wasp, and enjoy dinner and a beer while watching the sunset on top of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Quantumania continues a long line of films that take place in San Francisco showing the iconic bridge that the city is known for. It also continues the tradition of having superheroes on impossible locations on bridges, as with any of the Spider-Man films, or even the Jessica Jones Netflix series. It’s hard not to notice this giant red bridge in any film about San Francisco.

What viewers may not notice in this beautiful shot, is that it’s heavy on visual effects. The film sets up the shot with Scott picking up Hope after work, with Chinese food (House of Nanking) and a six-pack (what appears to be called “I Enjoy Ale”), and the two sit on top of the bridge tower watching the sun set. The wide shot (below) is the follow-up shot, supposedly looking West towards the sunset. However, the two land masses shown–Angel Island on the left and Alcatraz Island on the right–are East of the bridge. Given the geography, it would then seem that this was a sunrise shot which was repurposed for the scene. At least until one realizes that the sun would not be coming up in that particular direction, which is Northeast. Chock another one up to amazing movie magic!


(Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania, 2023)

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