City Lights Bookstore, San Francisco | MCU Location Scout

People looking through window of City Lights Bookstore.

Right now the only job I want is being a dad.

Scott reads from his autobiography “Look Out for the Little Guy!” at San Francisco’s iconic City Lights Bookstore. His book is billed as “the definitive and true account of THE AVENGERS’ battle with THANOS,” as well as being translated into “over 85 languages.”

It’s unclear if this sequence was shot at the real bookstore on Columbus and Broadway in San Francisco or built at Pinewood Studios. The exterior doesn’t quite match up to images from Google Street View, but the interior design looks very similar. If this is indeed a soundstage reproduction of this bookstore, it is one of the most incredible replicas ever made!


(Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania, 2023)

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