Cap-Haitien, Haiti | MCU Location Scout

Aerial of Haitian town. Text: Cap-Haïtien, Haiti.

You’re here for the headmistress?

Queen Ramonda travels to Haiti in order to find Nakia, the only person she believes can help her locate where Shuri was taken. Nakia is presently running a school in Cap-Haitien as the headmistress.

The establishing shot is actually of Cap-Haitien, Haiti, focusing on a school: the Ecole des Soeurs.


The location for the school was shot in Puerto Rico, which doubled for Haiti and the Yucatan. It is the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture located in the capitol of San Juan. It is a cultural center that is “responsible for the establishment of the cultural policies required in order to study, preserve, promote, enrich, and diffuse the cultural values of Puerto Rico”


(Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, 2022)

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