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They make great pancakes here.

SHIELD Agent Coulson joins Agent Sitwell in an out of the way diner to discuss how to get around a directive from the World Security Council to include The Abomination on the new “team.” This short film was included on the Thor DVD.


The diner that was used is a rentable, portable Red Diner that can be placed anywhere. Finding the diner was easy. The location turned out to be a little more difficult.

Both this film and A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor’s Hammer were released within one month of each other. That information meant that both shorts were probably filmed around the same time, given that Coulson was a primary character for both. That led to the exploration of the areas around the filming of the second One-Shot, revealing that the diner was place just off Longview Rd. in Pearblossom CA, between 128th St E and Ave V-10. This happens to be behind the Chevron gas station used for A Funny Thing.

The street view below matches up exactly with the imagery seen outside the window of the diner, including a small structure on the left and a power pole and skinny trees on the right. The images of the Diner below (from the rental companies website) do not show it in the actual filming location, but shows how it can be relocated.



Tony Stark enters into a bar where General Ross is drinking; all part of Coulson’s plan.

This brief sequence uses footage from the end credits sequence of 2008s The Incredible Hulk.

This is an unknown location on MCU: Location Scout. If you have any information about the whereabouts of this location or any other tips, please send them in to

(Marvel One-Shot: The Consultant, 2011)

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