DODC Supermax Facility | MCU Location Scout

Maybe the Department of Damage Control could learn a thing or two from ARGUS.

Having been captured in the precious episode, Najma and her Clandestine compatriots find themselves inside the DODC Supermax Prison, before overwhelming the guards and escaping.

This is the one scene from Ms. Marvel Episode 4 that does not take place in Karachi, and as such was probably filmed at some location in Atlanta. The underground steam tunnels and rear-loading dock were probably filmed somewhere within the city. The exterior is a visual effects shot with no foreseeable real-world inspiration.

Additionally, this facility appears that it will show up in the forthcoming She-Hulk: Attorney at Law series, as a building very similar to the overall Supermax design appears in that trailer.


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(Ms. Marvel S01E04, 2022)

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