Wedding Reception Venue, Jersey City | MCU Location Scout

Do you accept Aamir Khan as your husband?

The wedding reception for the Khan/Tillman wedding is held at this venue, which is soon disturbed by Najma and her brethren looking for Kamala’s bangle.

This sequence, including the exterior, back hallways, kitchen and lobby were all filmed at The Ballroom at the Carlos Center, which is part of the Hellenic Community Center, Southwest of downtown Atlanta. The location has several event meeting rooms and a ballroom for a variety of events, but probably often weddings.

The main reception ballroom, was filmed in a ballroom at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis. Originally it was assumed that the party was also shot at this location, but the ceiling lighting fixture detail did not match. Thanks to MovieMaps for leading to the correct location.



(Ms. Marvel S01E03, 2022)

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