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Kamala and Nakia attend prayer service at their mosque, where they find out that elections for Mosque Board are taking place soon. Later during the Eid Mubarak celebration, a boy falls out of the tower and is saved by Kamala. In episode 3 the DODC shows up at the mosque to search for the powered individual (before being turned away) as well as being the location of the wedding for Aamir and Tyesha.

This mosque looking building is actually the Fox Theater in Atlanta, on 660 Peachtree St NE (at the Ponce De Leon Ave NE entrance). The 1928 theater was inspired in its design by the Alhambra in Spain and Egypt’s Temple of Kharnak. The minaret that the boy falls from was added digitally and does not actually exist on the structure.


In these shots, an officer moves a barricade showing a building fans of Hawkeye might recognize. This was the exterior used for Kingpin’s headquarters/hotel.



For the interiors of the mosque, the cast and crew went to the Krishna Life Temple and Monastery, which appears to match up based on the window placement and design.


(Ms. Marvel S01E02-E03 & E06, 2022)

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