Sienkiewicz Psychiatric Hospital, London | MCU Location Scout

Today is your turn to lose.

In a post credits sequence, another aspect of Khonshu’s avatar wheels Harrow out of the hospital and into a limo outside a London psychiatric hospital.

The hospital, named after Moon Knight artist (and other superheroes as well), Bill Sienkiewicz. As with other shots that take place in London, this was also filmed in Budapest at the HungExpo convention center, between Halls D and E, with the car driving south. The satellite imagery of the Expo (circa May 2022) does not reflect the recent redesigns of the convention center. An artistic representation of the current center is displayed below with the location of the filming marked.

The London skyline (with the Gherkin, and an inserted Mosque) was digitally added to the shot.


(Moon Knight S01E06, 2022)

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