Marketplace & Alley, Cairo | MCU Location Scout

Stop the cab. Where are you taking me?

Marc chases a couple men who know the location of Harrow’s dig site through this marketplace. Later he returns here to ask a beverage salesman the location of Senfu’s sarcophagus.

There are two possibilities for the location of this intersection and alley. It could be a Budapest location that was set decorated (with visual effects) to look like Cairo, or it could be something built on the backlot at Origo Studios. It was definitely not shot in Cairo, and probably not shot in Jordan, where other Egypt scenes were staged. Based on the size of the marketplace, and the fact that there’s no behind the scenes photos (at this time) of the filming, Origo Studios backlot sounds like the most plausible conclusion, especially after the sequences that took place in the season finale.

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(Moon Knight S01E03 & E06, 2022)

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