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Stop clasping my shoulder like that. Feels like riding with a Victorian duchess.

Steven runs out of the Storage facility and is immediately picked up by Layla on her moped. They ride through London heading back to Steven’s apartment.

An establishing shot, shown above, is in the South of London on Queenstown Rd at Robertson St.


Oscar Isaac has stated in several interviews that he never stepped foot in London to film a scene for Moon Knight. That knowledge, coupled with the fact that all shots that actually show the town are just the backs of the characters heads, indicates that body doubles were used. The first location Layla drives past is on A3036 in front of Becket House (with its distinctive sculpture).


The next street they are seen driving on is Albert Embankment, near Vauxhall Station.


The final location is unknown at this moment, but must have been filmed somewhere in the streets of Budapest, Hungary, five Mr. Isaac’s statement above.


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(Moon Knight S01E02, 2022)

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