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It’s like we’re in Heaven. Only it’s not Heaven, is it?

Steven stumbles into a village and blends in with a crowd that is witnessing Arthur Harrow judging onlookers for the good in their heart.Things go sideways, a couple times, and Steven finally escapes in a cupcake delivery van.

The town of Szentendre, Hungary, just outside of Budapest filled in for this small town. The main square, Fő Tér, is where Arthur confronts Steven.

The first shots of Steven in the town were filmed outside the Blue Land Folklor shop (on left). He then stops and looks down the Alley at Ferenczy Károly köz before continuing on and passing Gál Antique, at Alkotmány u. 3. He then walks into the square off Alkotmány utca. The Uhren Outlet sign is actually the “Ecclesia galéria.”

When he blacks out and awakens, with the battered guards around his feet, that is just outside Elisabeth Étterem (looking West on Rákóczi Ferenc). He then hops into the cupcake truck and heads South out of Square on Dumtsa Jenő.


(Moon Knight S01E01, 2022)

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