Street Corner & Khonshu Sighting | MCU Location Scout

I tawt I taw a Khonshu!

Steven is shocked, suddenly awakening on the bus on his way to work. As it turns a corner he looks out the window and sees the mummified figure of Khonshu standing on the street as they pass by.

This sequence appears to be the one part of the episode that was really shot in London. Presumably the interior of the bus was on a soundstage with the exterior footage matted in after the fact. But it’s also possible a quick shot (or more) was filmed in London with Oscar Isaac. The bus makes a left turn of Duncannon St., past the Queen Eleanor Memorial Cross in front of the Charing Cross station and then passes a NatWest and Lloyd’s Bank, plus the glass fronted Bain & Company, where he sees Khonshu.


(Moon Knight S01E01, 2022)

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