Abandoned K•B Toy Store, Brooklyn | MCU Location Scout

Can I speak to your manager?

After purposefully getting captured by the Tracksuit Mafia, Clint is taken to an abandoned toy store which serves as their hideout. Things go fine until Kate tries to “save” him and gets captured instead. The two are brought before Maya Lopez, before managing to escape from their bonds and escape.

Maybe unsurprisingly, this is not really an old K•B Toy Store. The Historic Jones Mercantile Building in Canton, GA was remodeled to become this great space for Hawkguy and Kate to fight half a dozen Russian badguys, and one deaf, boss-ass Echo! Below are some photos from the buildings website showing what it looked like prior to the Marvel production coming inside.

The exteriors were shot at a location in Atlanta, and used a presumably digital manufactured exterior, as the Atlanta parking lot location has only a blank wall where the building should be.


(Hawkeye S01E02-E03, 2021)

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