Intersection, Ohio | MCU Location Scout

The North Institute is now ashes.

Natasha’s family is forced into a right turn by a police roadblock, the smoke from the fire Alexei set at the North Institute is seen in the background

This quick sequence is made up of three shots from three different locations. The intersection, shown above, is from Broad St at Branham Ave SW, in Rome, GA.


The shot immediately before the intersection, of the family in the car was not filmed in Rome. It was shot in Cartersville, GA at the intersection of E Church St and Douglas St. Cartersville has been most famously used (in the MCU, at least) as the St. Louis, Missouri location that Ego’s spores attacked in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.


The following shot of Alexei making the turn is also not at the intersection corner. This was shot a mile or so away at N 2nd Ave NW at W 3rd St.


(Black Widow, 2021)

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