WHIH News Reports, NYC | MCU Location Scout

We’re in New York where the GRC is voting on the controversial Patch Act.

Sam sees several news reports on television about the GRC vote in New York City, and begins to put two and two together about the Flag Smashers next move.

WHIH is a long standing “in-universe” news station going back to the Iron Man films. These locations also feature prominently in the series finale.

Both reporters were filmed at the Peachtree Center plaza. The above image is a female reporter near some barricades which was shot in between two building looking West towards Peachtree Street. The out of focus Hotel Indigo logo can be seen in the left background.

The second reporter was also shot at the same location but further East and facing 231 Peachtree Center Ave NE. This is outside the entrance to the GRC Headquarters.


Street View

(The Falcon and The Winter Soldier S01E05, 2021)

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