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High angle shot of terrorists storing the IFID in Lagos.

Rumlow has a biological weapon.

Institute for Infectious Diseases, Lagos

The Atlanta Civic Center served as the location for the IFID courtyard and building. The shots of the garbage truck rolling up the street to the front gate were shot just outside on Currier St NE, with digital backdrops and building replacement to make it seem like Nigeria.

Effects Comparison of original shot with Atlanta background, versus final shot.


Marketplace, Lagos

The initial shots of Natasha and Wanda at the cafe, and the subsequent chase through the market were all filmed in the area of Atlanta known as “The Gulch.” Looking closely at the reflection in Wanda’s spoon shows the building that would get damaged shortly. This same location would be utilized again in Ant-Man and The Wasp for the beginning of the car chase for the Pym Building.


Building, Lagos

An explosion meant for Captain America rips through a nearby building, as Wanda directs the blast upwards. The Richard B. Russell Federal Building, which is located just next to the Gulch, and the site of the marketplace scenes, served as the stand-in for this Lagos building.


(Captain America: Civil War, 2016)

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