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We got a 10-33 at Pym Tech.

The headquarters of Pym Technologies. It is here that Darren Cross is working hard to replicate the Ant-Man formula and use it to power his new Yellowjacket suit.

The Georgia State Archives, since demolished, served as the exteriors for Hank Pym arriving, and the destruction of the building at the conclusion of the film. This building underwent some digital manipulation as well, being made to look like it’s located on Treasure Island in San Francisco Bay.


Pym Technologies and Bayside Road, Treasure Island, San Francisco

Hank Pym drives down a road towards the building that contains his name. Luis and his associates pull up in front of PymTech, with San Francisco and the Oakland Bridge in the background.

Treasure Island (yes, its real name) was where the Pym Tech building existed In-Universe. Now it’s just an empty lot after the destruction.

Some second unit filming did take place here on Treasure Island for background plates to use for the scenes shot in Georgia, plus the quick shots of Pym’s car on Treasure Island Rd., and Luis, Kurt and Dave’s van pulling stopping on the waterfront road with the Bay Bridge in the background.

Below are some shots of what this location looked like in late 2019. The access road, Avenue of the Palms, is no longer accessible as construction has closed it off .


(Ant-Man, 2015)

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