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D.C. Metro police dispatch shows no units in this area.

Fury Driving

Nick Fury cruises around Washington DC in his SUV as he contacts Maria Hill on a secure line.

In the lead in to the sequence, Fury drives past Sapporo Sushi and Tea House Noodles on E. 6th St in Cleveland, crossing over Superior Ave as he makes his way to Rockwell Ave.


Washington, DC – Fury Attacked

Nick Fury’s SHIELD-issued SUV is attacked at an intersection in Washington DC. According to the signage, it’s 7th St SW and D St SW, near the L’enfant Plaza Metro. Men dressed as DC Police Officers attempt to kill him before he narrowly escapes.

The attack by “DC Metro Police” occurs at the intersection of E. 6th and Rockwell in Cleveland.


Washington, DC – Fury Chase part 1

Nick Fury evades the “Police” aka HYDRA, along this stretch of road – presumably still 7th St SW or Maryland Ave SW, due to the L’Enfant Plaza metro sign.

In reality, the action for this portion of the chase was filmed on Euclid Ave in Cleveland, between E13th St and E 9th St. Fury gets “stuck in traffic” at the E 9th St end of Euclid, before pushing his way through and making a left.


Washington, DC – Fury Chase part 2

Nick makes a left onto a new road as two police cars try to box him in. Luckily his brakes still work and he uses them at an intersection, sending the cop cars into the path of a speeding Penske truck. Fury makes a left and evades any further pursuit.

The portion of the the chase took place between E 13th St and E 9th St on Superior Ave heading west. The crash took place at the E 9th St intersection of Superior.


Washington, DC – Fury Escapes

Fury tries to escape, but is confronted by the Winter Soldier, who sends a mine under the SUV blowing it up. Fury manages to escape into the street with a tool created by Leo Fitz (from Agents of SHIELD) called a mouse hole.

The SUV heads East on Superior Ave. It explodes and flips just outside 200 Public Square. It comes to rest in front of the Parking Garage at E 3rd St.


(Captain America: The Winter Soldier, 2014)

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