London Streets | MCU Location Scout

Just shut up and drive.

Battle Bridge Ln – Outside Restaurant

Jane walks with Darcy to her car after hearing about these strange anomalies nearby.


London Street 1

Darcy makes a quick right on Gresham St from Coleman St., following Jane’s directions. She is then told to quickly make a left.


London Street 2

Jane instructs Darcy to make a quick left after their last turn, left off Gresham St onto Ironmonger Lane. They end up turning into this alley next to The Anthologist Bar.


London Street 3

Jane and Thor make a right at this corner, from O’Meara Street onto Southwark Street, near the container yards, after returning from Svartalfheim. They rush to Jane’s apartment to figure out how to stop Malekith from destroying the universe.


Fight – London Street

Mjolnir continues “looking” for Thor and flies down Surrey Street and Strand, as the camera looks South.


(Thor: The Dark World, 2013)

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