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Badge. Badge. Come on guys. I put a memo in the toilet.


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VFX artist Simon Stanley-Clamp said his role on this matte painting was “making the buildings and location featured (I think a University Campus, but I could be wrong there), look like a science/technology park.” The work done has obfuscated the original location which remains unknown.


At Stark Industries, Happy Hogan who is now head of security, trolls the lobby making sure everyone is wearing their security badge. Later, Pepper and Aldrich have an extended goodbye at the front doors as he continues to convince her of his new technology. Happy is still suspicious and snaps a photo of his car and sends it to Tony.

This was of two separate locations used to film Stark Industries. The SAS Executive Briefing Center Building C served as the interior lobby for Stark Industries, and the exterior of the Executive Briefing Center was used for the scenes of Killian leaving, plus a deleted scene. Thanks to Mark S. for pointing out this interior was mislabeled and the correct attribution.




Happy meets with now Stark CEO, Pepper Potts about her next meeting, with Aldrich Killian. He does not like the looks of Killian’s driver.

One of two separate locations used to film Stark Industries. The Archie K. Davis Conference Center was used for all the interiors of the executive wing and Pepper’s office.


(Iron Man 3, 2013)

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