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Exterior of Culver University with main building and large grassy lawn.

Bruce returns to the scene of the crime.

Bruce makes his way from Mexico back to Virginia, and his former college, Culver University – where Betty Ross still works. The In-Universe address for the college, specifically the BioScience building is: Culver University Bioscience Building, 214 University Circle, Willowdale, VA 18305

Brothers College in New Jersey, is the stand-in for the Virginia-based college, for this aerial shot at least.


Maynard Hall, Culver University

Knox College was one of two locations in Toronto that stood in for the Virginia-based University. The filmmakers changed the name over the door from ‘Knox College’ to ‘Maynard Hall.’

The interior walkway of this Knox College building served as the intro sequence to the Battle in the Park. Bruce is cornered in a glass walkway (which was practically added and enhanced via special effects) before being gassed and hulking out.



Biological Sciences, Culver University

After arriving on campus, Bruce spots Betty walking out of her building and meeting up with Dr Leonard Samson. The Medical Sciences Building appropriately serves as the BioSciences headquarters where Betty works.


School Quad, Culver University

Bruce bikes through this quad to deliver a pizza (and sneak into the Bio Sciences offices).


Establishing, Culver University

The main building of the University of Toronto – St George campus serves as the beginning of the Battle in the Park sequence, and the establishing shot for the college.


Battle in the Park, Culver University

After hulking out, the creature confronts Emil Blonsky and the military, in this park/quad on the campus of Culver University. In reality, Morningside Park stood in for the Virginia-based University’s lawn.


(Incredible Hulk, 2008)

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