Bridge Donuts and Street, San Francisco | MCU Location Scout

Scott enters Bridge Donuts store.

Thank you Spider-Man!

Scott reminisces about his life, basking in the adoration of the public as he walks down a street in San Francisco and enters Bridge Donuts where Ruben provides him with free coffee and donuts–believing him to be “Spider-Man.” At the end of the film, he returns to the same location, but things are slightly off. He no longer is seen as the celebrity, is asked to pay for his food, and wonders if he might have made some mistakes recently.

While the film takes place in San Francisco, this sequence of shops and street scenes were filmed in San Pedro, CA on W 6th St between S Pacific St and S Mesa St. The Sacred Grounds coffee shop at 468 W 6th St was used as Bridge Donuts. Signs from some of the actual shops can be seen in a number of the street scenes in between buses with San Francisco posters or iconic cable cars driving past.




Scott is shown walking East on W 6th Street right by the Warner Grand Theater. He crosses the street in front of 455 W 6th St, meeting the jogger and his dog outside JDC Records at 455 W 6th St.

(Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania, 2023)

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