Rivertown, Camp Site, & North Triangle, Wakanda | MCU Location Scout

A memorial painting of T'Challa looms over two drummers.

T’challa, t’challa, t’challa.

A number of new locations within the country of Wakanda were created for the second Black Panther film. These include the town square (called North Triangle by Hannah Beachler in the “Envisioning Two Worlds” documentary on the DVD), the River Outpost, the River Campsite, and Rivertown which is the main home for members of the River Tribe.

The North Triangle set was built at the back lot of OFS Fitel in Norcross, GA according to satellite imagery from Google Earth, and other behind the scenes images. The other locations appear to have been built on the backlots at Trilith Studios in one way or another. The filmmakers utilize various visual effects to extend these sets to make them appear part of the larger world of Wakanda.



(Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, 2022)

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