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Police car flipping into air on Boston street at night.

Griot, give me manual control.

Okoye, Shuri, and Riri flee the warehouse in different directions, with Shuri taking a motorcycle and Okoye in Plymouth Baracuda. The drive through the streets of Boston and Cambridge avoiding the police until winding up together at Harvard Bridge in Cambridge where Riri crashes a military drone into the police cars.

The sequence opens with a police vehicle, followed closely by Okoye in the Cuda, entering a tunnel. This is the Ernest A. Johnson tunnel in Worcester, MA. It is a short tunnel that runs under Lincoln Square.


Street View

Shuri, on her motorcycle, is cut off by a police car, and makes a quick right onto a path next to the church. This was filmed at the Cathedral of Saint Paul, also in Worcester, MA. She is diverted on High Street, speeds along the church sidewalk, finally racing down steps onto Chatham St.


Meanwhile Okoye argues with Shuri’s AI, Griot, demanding control of her vehicle. She slams it into reverse, catapulting a police car over the top her car. This stunt was also filmed in Worcester, at the corner of Main Street at George St.


Okoye spins her car around and takes off, pulling up along side Shuri on her motorcycle. This action moment takes place on Main Street at Ames St back in Cambridge. A Cambridge Trust branch is visible on the left side of screen.


Okoye and Shuri take another corner together, which was filmed at Albany St, turning onto Massachusetts Ave in Cambridge. They continue down Massachusetts Ave toward Harvard Bridge where Riri crashes a reconnaissance drone into the police cars.


(Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, 2022)

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