Road, Norway | MCU Location Scout

If you’ve got to get away, really get away.

Natasha drives on several roads on the way back to her campsite.

The first road, above, is unknown at this moment but was definitely filmed in Norway with the rest of the shoot.

The second road winds past this beautiful waterfall, which is the Stigfossbrua along Trollstigen in Åndalsnes, Norway.


It then cuts to another road with some snow-capped mountains in the back. This is further North on the same road, and closer to the town of Åndalsnes.


After meeting with Mason at her trailer, she runs out of gas for her generator and makes a drive back into town. It is unknown where these shots were taken from at this time and could be near either Åndalsnes or Sæbø, Norway.

(Black Widow, 2021)

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