Europol, Berlin | MCU: Location Scout

Beck is a liar. Mysterio, the Elementals, it’s all fake.

The iconic white and glass interiors of this law enforcement office was shot at the same school, the Holland School in Airlie Gardens, which was also used in Ready Player One.



After picking up Peter at the rail station, Nick Fury drives through some streets (which were also filmed in London) before turning into the Europol building. This street is Bartlett Ct in London, and the Europol building is The Refinery New Street Square.



Too late, Peter realizes that he has been tricked and Mysterio is really pulling the strings. The back alley where Peter lands on a car, fights Quentin Beck and gets hit by a train were all filmed at Millennium Mills across the water from the ExCel conference center.



Just inside this courtyard, Maria Hill and Nick Fury discussed flying to London to help Peter.

When the real Fury and Hill (wait, or are they?) are talking later they are outside the Vaughan St Entrance to Thomas More Square in London.


(Spider-Man: Far From Home, 2019)

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