SUV Flip, Chase p1, San Francisco | MCU: Location Scout

Van flips SUV on San Francisco street.

That undercarriage is filthy!

After turning the corner off Montgomery St, in the previous sequence, Hope glances into her review mirror. The image she sees is from around 37 Wall St SW in Atlanta. It is also not reversed as it would be in a mirror, as evidenced by the ‘P’ on the Parking Sign. Additionally, as with many shots in Atlanta, the background has been digitally altered to include San Francisco architecture. The image of the street for this shot appears to be on Pryor St SW near the brick crosswalk for the Atlanta Underground.


One of the black SUV’s comes speeding up behind Hope and Luis, who engage the shrinking mechanism again, sliding under the bad guys car. This scene flows right into the next shots where the SUV is flipped, but they were both shot at different locations. This brief shot was around 2222 Hyde Street, heading south.


The SUV drives over the shrunken van (in front of 1101 California St) and is then catapulted onto South Jones Street from California St.


The action returns to Hope and Luis’s van being chased around a corner from Green St to Montgomery St southbound. It’s a little out of sequence, as this was the location of the previous sequence. You couldn’t actually drive this route, but for the film it flows properly.


(Ant-Man & The Wasp, 2018)

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