Central Park, New York | MCU: Location Scout

You know what there should be? No more surprises.

Tony and Pepper share a brief moment of quietude in Central Park until Dr. Strange interrupts them with some pressing news.

The map below shows the approximate area where the couple is walking based on geography of the background plates. The filming for this sequence took place in an Atlanta park (see below), not in New York’s Central Park.


The actual footage was filmed in Atlanta’s Piedmont Park, looking out over the soccer fields, which were digitally replaced with imagery of the Jackie Onassis Reservoir and the New York skyline. Part of the Peace Monument is visible behind the couple.

The reverse angle of Dr. Strange’s portal were filmed at the gate just west of Tony and Pepper, which butts up against Piedmont Ave NE and 14th St NE.


Street View

(Avengers: Infinity War, 2018)

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