Warrior Falls, Wakanda | MCU: Location Scout

Aerial view of Warrior Falls in Wakanda.

Victory in ritual combat comes by yield or death.

The look of Warrior Falls was created by multiple locations, reference footage, and a physical set outside Atlanta. These include the Iguazu Waterfalls in Argentina, on the border of Brazil, which provided reference for Warrior Falls; Jim Jim Falls in Australia’s Northwest Territory which provided reference to the artists making the rocks for the Warrior Falls set, according to Cinefex #158; and Victoria Falls in Zambia (on the Zimbabwe border) was used when the Royal Talon fighter flies by Warrior Falls, according to production designer Hannah Beachler on a ComicBook.com article.

Finally, for shots of the actors battling in the water at the base of the Falls, a physical set was constructed behind OFS Fitel, in Norcross, GA–a location that has been getting use since Captain America: Civil War. This set can be seen on Google Earth from the Nov. 2016 and Mar. 2017 satellite imagery.


Iguazu Waterfalls

Jim Jim Falls

Victoria Falls

Physical Set

(Black Panther, 2018)

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