Police Station, Busan | MCU: Location Scout

A white van cruises past a police station in Busan.

And you believe the word of an arms dealer strapped to a chair?


Nakia keeps watch out the front of the building as a strange van passes by several times.

The address for the police station is at 223 Mitchell, right next door to Friedman Shoe’s. Looking at the footage from the film, Nakia is looking past the pole located directly in front of 223. This is two doors over from the Thai restaurant from Spider-Man: Homecoming. The police video monitors show a better look at 206 Mitchell across the street.



The building directly across from the Police Station, that Killmonger’s truck drives back and forth in front of, was used for the rear alley that Klaue escapes through.

The alleyway where Killmonger parks (and blows a hole in the wall) appears to be behind this building on the Southeast corner off Nelson St, near Forsyth St SW.


(Black Panther, 2018)

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