Hill Chase, Busan | MCU: Location Scout

Okoye on top of a car racing down a hilly Busan street.

Hop in. Put that spear in the trunk.

With Okoye now on top of the car, Nakia races it down a hilly street, leaping over sections of the roadway in pursuit of Klaue.

The first section of this hill chase, right before Klaue says “Let’s have some fun,” takes place in front of 92-494 Jurye 2(i)-dong, Sasang-gu.


Street View

Nakia and Okoye’s car is destroyed by Klaue’s sonic cannon on a hilly road just outside Dongseo University in Busan. The exact location is hard to pin down with out some sort of street view, but there is evidence of the Global Village Sports Center during the crash. You can also see the Green Roof behind Everett Ross’ car appears to be the roof at the Dongju Elementary School. 

This second half of the chase is a few blocks further down the same hilly street, at 57 Jurye-ro, in front of the Global Sports Village arch. The Dongseo University has a burgeoning film program, and many of the students served as crew members for the Busan, South Korea filming.


(Black Panther, 2018)

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