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We are 5 miles outside Rose Hill Tennessee.

Fleeing the Mandarin attack on his Malibu home, Jarvis carries out his latest flight plan, which was to the site of a previous, but supposed Mandarin attack, in Tennessee. This was actually filmed Rose Hill, NC.

Harley Keener’s House

Tony sneaks into a garage after his crash to spend the night, where he’s discovered by wunderkind inventor Harley Keener. The exteriors of the existing structure at this location were reportedly enhanced to look like the location we see in the film. This structure is just outside “Main Street” at 117 W South St, Rose Hill, NC.


Main Street

Harley takes Tony into town to show him the location of the man that exploded. Church Street in Rose Hill, NC was able to be fully used as a location due to the lack of actual businesses on this street.

Memorial Alley

Tony sees the memorial dedicated to the man who exploded, while Harley continues to question Tony about his time in the Battle of New York, inducing another panic attack.

Walker’s Bar

Tony goes into the bar to get a drink, and discovers the mother of the victim and another extremis patient, Brandt, who tries to kill Tony. They end up taking the fight across the street into the town diner. The location in Google maps appears to be that of the ‘Last Day Outreach Ministries’ building, just opposite Mallard Alley.

Rocky Top Diner

Brandt follows Tony into the town diner, where she shows him some of the power of Extremis, before Stark decides to blow her up with an exploding microwave.

Water Tower

Following the battle in the diner, Savin melts a leg on the town’s water tower and takes the fight to Tony, who is saved, with some quick thinking, by Harley.


(Iron Man 3, 2013)

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