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Aerial view of the Stark Industries plant in Long Beach.

Effective immediately, I am shutting down the weapons manufacturing division of Stark International.

Tony’s return to America is put in front of the cameras during a press conference at Stark Industries. Scenes involving Tony’s limo greeting Obidiah Stane outside and inside Stark Industries were shot at the Massimo building in Irvine. Later Pepper Potts sneaks into Stane’s office to steal some computer files and leaves with Agent Coulson. The shots of Pepper coming down the stairs and speaking with Coulson were also filmed at the Massimo building. Stane’s office, however, was shot on the soundstages at Playa Vista Studios.

The aerial matte painting of Stark International takes the Irvine building exterior and some of its surroundings, and places them, with other buildings–including the ARC Reactor building, near the Long Beach harbor.


Street View

The ARC reactor set, which houses the tokamak and serves as the beginning of the final fight between Stark and Stane, was built at one the Downey Studios buildings. This studio, which is no longer in existence (and is now a Mall), was created out of the former Rockwell International plant where NASA Space Shuttles and other vehicles were assembled. It is in no way related to Robert Downey, Jr.

The final fight on the roof of the ARC Reactor building was not shot at Downey Studios as one might expect it, but back inside the Playa Vista Studios aka the Hughes Aircraft Studios.


(Iron Man, 2008)

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